Holly Lavida is a self taught multi-media artist from New York with focuses in digital art, video editing, website design and social media marketing. She has been immersed in the world of creative visual art from a young age and for the past 15 years has specialized in the multi-faceted universe of digital design. She is experienced in a wide array of editing softwares including Adobe Photoshop (graphic design, photo editing and collage art), Sony Vegas (video editing/music videos) and Ipad Pro concentrating in ProCreate (digital painting and illustration). She is proficient in website template programs including Moonfruit, Wordpress and Squarespace. Her other skills include jewelry design, sculpture, photography and graphite illustration.



I've known Holly for over 20 years and have worked with her off and on for much of that time. She's my absolute number one go to person for anything creative, from Photoshop to Web Design to Product Branding. I've worked with her in many facets and I wouldn't go to anyone else. Period. She is not only talented artistically but is also quite brilliant in her mastery of the tech world. From a creative standpoint, her God given talent is by far one of the best I've seen. She is a natural born artist who has spent years refining her gift.

-Anna Orsulich


This freelancer completed a very difficult assignment from us with a smile, even when the job turned out to be a bigger investment of her time than she originally bargained for. We couldn't be more grateful for her help and suggestions.

-Amy Jon


A true gem in the crowded room of jewelry designers/artists. Her works of art are outstanding and truly one of a kind. She's one of the best in the business to do work with and always accomodating. A true professional with flowing creativity that never stops!

-Stacey Lefton Glick


Holly is an amazing worker, she did exactly what I wanted designing a logo in record time. I strongly recommend her for many different skills.

-Florian Chaillou


Holly Lavida's work is outstanding.

-Paul Van Remortel (musician who commissioned a video collage)


I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE all your incredibly beautiful pieces. You have such a great eye and talent for mixing vintage with new; I love the feel and story that an "old" piece has to tell.

-Emily Doenges


We can't believe we could find such an artist! Holly is very talented, easy to deal with and we cannot wait to work with her again. Thanks for your amazing collage! We just love it!

-Camila and Bryce (online boutique owners)